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What People Are Saying About Eric Letendre's Dog Training Video Newsletter...

"Eric Letendre was recommended to me by several sources. I then decided to take a look at his website. In doing so, I signed up to receive Eric's weekly E-zine. I found the information in the E-zine to make sense, be extremely helpful, and most importantly, be achievable.

I have two dogs who have extremely different temperaments and energy levels. I find that Eric's methods work equally well with both of them. Also, I have begun, and continue to be, more in tune with how my dogs think, and why they do what they do. This is a huge breakthrough, and is a concept I had not given much thought to in the past.

What I admire most about Eric's training concepts is that they apply obedience training successfully without the means of force that may ultimately harm, injure, or backfire later on. It's been great to realize that training may be accomplished without the owner becoming over frustrated or completely insane."

Jen Swidey
South Dartmouth, MA

"Your E-zine has given new and practical information about dog (and human) behavior, as well as reinforced some of the things we learned in your classes and in speaking with you.

Matt and I know that kindness towards animals pays off, and that is what makes your methods workable for people of any age. We've seen very young and very old people with very active pets attending your classes, and all we humans have benefited. Our dog Sam is a very different dog from when we first adopted him because of the way we learned to work with him. Also, I got over my "big dog" fear, and truly enjoy his company.

You are well-respected and well-known and it's well-deserved. When your name came up about a month ago, I commented to someone that you are kind of like Cher (I'm sure you are wondering where this is going, or maybe you've heard it before)...Lots and lots of people refer to you simply as "Eric" (no last name), and everyone knows who they are talking about.

Thank you again!"

Ann Jankowski
Adamsville, RI

"Your class and E-zine have helped me, a first time dog owner, successfully rescue a "pound puppy" who needed serious lessons on how to act with people. Both Cody and I are grateful for your guidance, and I believe it's helped me have a better, happier experience as a dog owner.

Thanks again!"

Diane Sterrett
Tiverton, RI

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