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Are You Struggling To Train Your Dog?

"Stop Wishing Your Dog Would Get Better And Start Using A Proven Training System That Anyone Can Do…"

Eric R. Letendre, The Amazing Dog Training Man
Eric Letendre, author of The Amazing Dog Training Man

Dear friend,

How often do you find yourself saying,

“I wish my dog would stop stealing my socks and underwear.”

“I wish my dog would stop jumping on everyone.”

“I wish I could just take my dog for a walk and not get my arm yanked out.”

“I wish my dog would be like everyone else’s dog and I could go more places and do more things with him.”

Any of those statements sound familiar?

Am I psychic?

How is it possible that I know what you are experiencing with your dog?

Because for the past 20 plus years I have been helping people just like you train their dogs.  The statements that I made above are the common ones that I hear over and over again.

Everyday I work with and get calls and emails from people that tell me how frustrated and upset they are with their dog’s behavior.  Perhaps there are even times when you feel…

  • Frustrated with your training results
  • Tired of always having to keep a close eye on your dog
  • Discouraged because you can’t seem to get your dog to listen to you
  • Annoyed when your dog does not come to you when you call
  • Puzzled by all the conflicting training advice you get from friends and the internet
  • Confused because everything you try doesn’t seem to work

This is understandable.  With all the different views and opinions on dog training, most people get upset and don’t know who to listen to.  Unfortunately, the relationship between you and your dog becomes strained and it can become very upsetting for you.

Some people become so frustrated that they give up and find their dog a new home.

Please don’t do that…

If you…

  • Would like to learn an easy, effective dog training system that anyone can follow
  • Would like to learn how to stop annoying behavior problems
  • Would enjoy a dog that does not jump or steal
  • Would like to have your dog walk with you instead pulling you
  • Would enjoy training your dog without spending hours and hours
  • Would like to teach your dog that you are the pack leader in four simple steps

…then I think you’d benefit from what I have to say.

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Before I Share With You The Amazing Dog Training Man Story, Take A Moment And Listen To What People Are Saying About The Training...

"I thought my dog Kimmy was a candidate for canine ADHD before I met Eric.  Now, she is well-behaved, obedient, and comes on command.  She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen.  It is all due to the training she received with Eric."

Sara Arruda
Veterinary Technician
Anchor animal Hospital


"My husband Michael and I have been practicing the training methods that we learned from Eric with our two very large dogs and the results are amazing.  The training techniques are gentle and patient.  With all the harsh and cruel dog training methods out there, Eric's methods are highly refreshing and truly invaluable.  Keep up the great work!"

Lisa Lopes
Middletown, RI


"When we first got our puppy, she was out of control.  Eric's training course has helped us out tremendously, and most of all, gave us a better understanding of how our pup thinks.

I was amazed that I could learn how to train my dog.  Eric's training style brings understanding our out of control puppy to the forefront.  Thank you Eric!"

Paula Ferriera & Family
Fall River, MA


"Clients that we have recommended to Eric Letendre have come back with nothing but great results."

Dr. Jim Lunig, DVM
Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic


"My dog Rudy and I received training with Eric Letendre.  Rudy is a better dog and I am a better owner for doing so.  The lessons are informative and fun for both of us."

Carol Cabral
North Dartmouth, MA


"Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me train my new puppy, Nestle Crunch.  Without your help, he was uncontrollable.  Now, he's well-behaved and learning new tricks. I will recommend your course to anyone who has a new puppy or dog needing a gentle way to train."

Shirley Roy
Fairhaven, MA


"Eric Letendre's positive training course is incredible. Through the techniques that I have learned, I have achieved exactly what I wanted.  I now have a dog that everyone loves and wants to be around.  She is well-behaved and understands specific commands.  The training is fun for the dog and practicing is all about rewards.  The best thing about the course is that it works."

Sally Schnider
Newport, RI


"Your course and E-zine have helped me, a first time dog owner, successfully rescue a "pound puppy" who needed serious lessons on how to act with people.  Both Cody and I are grateful for your guidance, and I believe it's helped me have a better, happier experience as a dog owner.  Thanks again!"

Diane Sterrett
Tiverton, RI


"Eric is very easy to understand.  He explains the training techniques clearly and simply.  He offers encouragement for the owner as well as the dog.  He is very helpful in addressing individual problems unique to your dog.  Eric always has good suggestions that work. The course is fun!"

Kiki Mitchell
Middletown, RI

“Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me?”

My name is Eric Letendre, aka Amazing Dog Training Man, and I’ve been helping people train their dogs for more than 18 years.

I spent seven years as the K-9 Supervisor for a large security company in Hartford, CT.  I’ve also been the director of training for one of Connecticut’s largest training schools, worked as an animal control officer for the city of Fall River, MA, was the K-9 security consultant for World Wide Plaza in Manhattan, NY, provided training programs for many animal shelters, and had one of the most successful dog training schools in southeastern MA.

I’ve been “in the trenches” helping people with real world training solutions for nearly two decades.

When you train with me using The Amazing Dog Training Man's Online Ultimate Dog Training Course, you will learn a unique effective training system designed to help you train your dog in a fast, efficient, and fun manner…all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Read on and learn what will be covered in the training course.

  • How to train your dog without choke, pinch or shock collars
  • Train your dog without using force and painful methods
  • How to teach your dog that you are the pack leader in 4 simple steps
  • Never worry about your dog not responding to your commands
  • A collar that will solve your dog’s pulling problems forever
  • Never again get dragged down the street again
  • Two forms of exercise that can eliminate up to 63% of problem behavior
  • Never again worry about coming home to find your valuables destroyed
  • How to teach your dog “Stay” in ten minutes or less
  • The most important secret to teaching your dog the command “Come”
  • Teach your dog to come using the Spring Loaded Recall Exercise
  • How to get your dog to “Sit, Down, Stand,” on command with little effort
  • The little known secret to solving all obedience problems
  • Go any place without getting embarrassed by your dog’s behavior
  • The difference between bribes and rewards and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to apply the scientific secret of the Premack Principle

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The Amazing Dog Training Man’s Ultimate Online Dog Training Course is a different and unique training program.  During the training we will teach you how to apply scientifically proven training methods that have been used by thousands of dog owners all over the world.

These methods are proven to work when applied properly.  We use the most up to date and humane training methods.

Your dog will learn how to sit, down, stand, stay, walk on leash, and come when called.  In addition to obedience commands you will learn how to stop problem behavior such as: jumping, digging, barking, stealing, biting, chewing, housetraining and any other problem that you may be experiencing.

And, you’ll do it all from the comfort of your own home.  The entire dog training course is instantly downloadable and you can progress at your own pace.

Warning: Do NOT Pay For Dog Training Lessons Unless They Meets The Following 4 Criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the subject of dog training.  Most new dog owners inform me that they become very confused by all the conflicting information they receive.  That’s why I want to give you 4 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any training you obtain:

One: Experience.

I would have to say that very few trainers come from such a diverse background. I have:

  • worked as a security patrol dog handler
  • worked as an animal control office
  • director of training for one of Connecticut's largest training facilities
  • K-9 supervisor
  • training instructor for numerous animal shelters
  • provided K-9 consulting work for such places as World Wide Plaza in New York
  • authored the book “The Amazing Dog Training Man.”

You would be hard pressed to confront me with a behavior or obedience problem (or even imagine one) that I haven't had first hand experience solving.

Two: Humane training methods.

We don't use choke, pinch, or shock collars.  We only train using humane methods.  Beware of any trainer that tells you that you need to use physical force to train.  Effective, reliable training is accomplished using proven positive reinforcement techniques.  I know this because I’ve done it.

Three: Proven training methods.

As a dog owner you want to know that if you spend money on dog training lessons that it will work.  Our proven, effective training program has been used by thousands of dog owners all over the world.

Four: FUN!

Believe it or not, dog training is supposed to be a fun process.  If you are not enjoying the training process, chances are you will not keep it up.  Our dog training course is effective and fun.

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Now before we go on, I'm sure you probably have some unanswered questions and concerns, so here are some of the most common:

Q. "Can I really learn how to train my dog at home from an online course?"

A. Absolutely, I often tell people that I am not a dog trainer, I am a people trainer.  When you attend a class I do not train your dog.

I help the owner train their dog.  Many times I never even touch the dog other than to pet him.  All the information that I use in my classes is in this course, nothing is held back.

Q. "How does the course work?"

A. I have made it as easy as possible for you.  The course is split up into six lessons, just like it would be if I was going to teach you personally.

You can sit down at your computer and choose to either read the information for each lesson or download and print it to refer to later.

I also have video clips to show you exactly how to do the commands. 

In addition to that I have developed what I call key points for each lesson.  The key points are a quick reference guide for you to use as you are training your dog. 

Once you have a good understanding of the lesson, you and your dog spend about ten minutes working on the lesson.

I recommend training your dog in ten-minute sessions.  You can go week to week training him.  The course is designed to build on the previous week's lesson.  You and your dog can go as fast or slow as you feel comfortable.

Q. "I heard that you cannot start training a dog until he is 6 months old."

A. That is some of the worst advice that has ever been given to dog owners.  You should start training immediately.

If you wait until the dog is six months old, he will have developed many unwanted behaviors that you'll now have to fix.  It is much more difficult to work with a dog that has learned certain behaviors, than a dog that hasn't.

Think of a young puppy as a clean slate, there is nothing to erase.  Now imagine a dog that is six months old and is displaying behavior problems such as jumping, pulling, chewing etc.  You have to re-teach that dog everything.

Traditional training methods can not be used on a young puppy.  A choke chain or pinch collar can physically injure him.  The methods that I use can be taught to a dog of any age, because I do not use force and pain.

Q. "I have been told that you should never use food to teach a dog obedience."

A. There are two ways to train a dog: Positive motivation and Negative motivation.  Both methods are very powerful.  There is one problem with negative motivation, it always has side effects.

I can teach you how to drive a car by yelling and screaming at you.  You will learn but you will also have negative feelings towards me.

In The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course, I will show you how to use positive motivation and when to use negative motivation.

Some dog trainers don't understand the difference between bribes and rewards.  In my dog training course you will learn how to use rewards to get maximum results from the training process. 

Plus you will learn the secret of the Premack Principle.  Once you understand and learn how to apply it, you can get your dog to work without bribes.

You see, my dog training system contains absolutely everything you need to start training your dog right now. Just about everything you need to know to train your dog is already done for you.

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OK, So How Much Does All Of This Cost?

Well, realize that The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course could easily sell for much more than what I am asking.  In fact, most dog training books and videos cost more than my online course.  When you buy a book you are usually charged in the neighborhood of $20.00 to $50.00.

In fact, if you asked a top expert like myself to come to your home and personally train your dog for you, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of $1500 to $2500.

So, at bare bones minimum, you're getting more dog training advice than you would usually pay for.

Look, there's no need to reinvent the wheel.  Everything is ready for you, completely turn-key, and all laid-out for you step-by-step.

Now maybe you think this whole thing will cost you a fortune...but listen to this:

Your investment in this entire system is only $29.99!

Your investment is tiny compared to the amount you would have to spend on dog training books, classes, and videos to get as much content as I am giving to you in The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course.

But wait there's more...If you order in the next 10 days, you'll also get a free gift worth almost the cost of this entire system:

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!  If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Free Bonus Gift

Bonus lesson:

“How To Housetrain Your Dog In 10 Days Or Less.”

Learn my foolproof method for housetraining your dog in a short period of time. $14.99 Value.

This free bonus is worth almost your entire investment in The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course - but it's all yours, absolutely free when you order within the next 10 days.

OK, So Why Am I Being So Generous?

Two reasons:

One: Simply put, I know once you experience all the benefits you're going to receive from this training system, you're going to be a loyal and eager customer (and hopefully you'll even tell your friends and other dog owners).

Two: I can offer the course for a low price because it does not require me to package and send you anything.  The entire course and bonus gift is online.  You can download and print any or all of it and read it whenever and wherever you are.

I believe the only way to build a great business is to over-deliver.

Once you start applying these secrets you'll see why The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course is probably the greatest dog training course ever crammed into one manual.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

In summary, here's what you get with The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course:

When you sign up for The Amazing Dog Training Man’s Ultimate Online Dog Training Course you get six complete dog training lessons.  Included in the course are written instructions, pictures, and dog training video clips so you can see first hand how to teach your dog the obedience commands.

You’ll also have 24 hour personal, professional training assistance through a private email address, plus we cover many different aspects of dog ownership: nutrition, behavior problems, good grooming methods and much, much more.

See if I'm right!  Your investment is peanuts compared to all the money you could spend on other training products and classes.  So that means... You really can't afford not to invest in this system!  Don't put this off.  While all of this is fresh in your mind, do yourself a favor...

Order The Amazing Dog Training Man's Ultimate Online Dog Training Course.

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To your success,

Eric R. Letendre, The Amazing Dog Training Man

Eric R. Letendre
The Amazing Dog Training Man



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